Each of our shirts are made by hand by either Jenny or Carron.

We really do use potatoes to make each print (sometimes three potatoes for each shirt!), so each shirt will have a slightly different look. The grain of the potato also adds a charming effect to the paint when applied.

We defintely don't look at potatoes the same way anymore.  It's "will this be big enough for the worm or rocket" ect.

Our design ideas are inspired by our kids' interests as well as our own. We try to keep the prints simple and playful and our kids love putting them on...

"Mom,look!A tortoise!" 


Truck design for Boys!!

Can be done in any colour!!

Also new ballerina bags and t-shirts to for girls!!

Click on the tortoise to view our designs or contact us:
 Jenny 082 457 2542
Carron 082 898 7463


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